An Attempt to Gather.

January 11, 2017


On the 29th of September 2016, I left for Thailand to pursue a 200H Yoga Teaching Training with All Yoga Thailand. At that time I had no idea it would have been the beginning of a very tough self-discovery journey that I believe will go on until the end of the days.

I won't go into details regarding the training itself but rather I felt the need to share with you all a bunch of pretty basic but kind of big revelations that I have embraced and I keep nurturing every day since then. 



First of all.

Everything keeps evolving and making more sense than ever before if you listen to yourself carefully.

Every day I learn something about life, myself and others, all in the same world and all with very unique and personal stories.

Every day I wake up and I try to be a bit closer to the person I want to be.

Every day I fall and every day I pick myself up.

Every day I look into myself and I learn.

Every day I look carefully at others and I learn.

Every day I look at life and I learn.



I learned that suffering is temporary, that it's better throwing yourself into it if it's there and listen to what it has to say.

I learned that everyone has its own story and that compassion helps you to consider things differently, to understand them better but also, to live better yourself.

I learned that what you give is what you will receive, eventually.

I learned that abandoning yourself to the present, whatever present is for you just now, makes you live more intensively but also more peacefully.

I learned that if there is love, it's better to let it flow than to repress it.

I learned that you can love in different ways different people and that one way of loving is not more value than another one.

I learned that fighting with yourself is pretty much useless but that embracing you is essential for your own peace and growth.

I learned that taking our own responsibilities on our suffering helps us finding the way to make it end.

I learned that protecting your own feelings and values is as important as putting yourself in someone else's shoes.

I learned that responsibilities are relative and that we are allowed to make our own rules.

I learned that the sense of guilt often comes from something or someone outside of us and what is wrong and right is also totally relative.

I learned that patience is a great virtue that we shall nurture more and more every day.

I learned that hurrying something or someone up is not part of the nature of life but that let things flow can enrich you in a greater way.

I learnt that vulnerability is also synonymous with pure courage and that weakness is what makes us human and pretty unique.

I learned that if you love someone who is worth loving, keep on loving is going to be enough.

I learned that you should never do something to expect something back.




I learned that resting is a right and not a sin.

I learned that we can make lots of choices, but choosing ourselves every day is essential.

I learned that trying so hard to impress someone is far less efficient and fulfilling than actually being interested and show your interest towards someone.

I learned that focusing too much on our own joy and suffering can lead us to not see how others feel.






I learnt that awareness is the first step towards recovering and that it's what makes us powerful and free.




I learned the beauty of challenges because they bring change.

I learned that nothing is stable and everything changes and that trying to control the uncontrollable is, of course, a waste of time and cause of suffering.

I learned that coincidences don't exist and that everything happens for a reason if we let things flow by themselves.

I learned that if you don't love yourself it's well difficult to let someone love you as you would like to be loved.

I learned that imperfection is the most beautiful feature in the world and what lead people to love each other.







I learned that in the end, the only thing that really counts is that you are calm and peaceful inside - everything else can wait.


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January 11, 2017

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