Here is what my Yoga & Dance students have to say!





  • “I very much enjoy the classes that I have with Carolina. Her sessions are well structured with a good balance of movement, breathing, and relaxation, and her teaching style is relaxed, informative, and fun. She builds a good relationship with each of her clients and is always aware of any special requirements different people may need. I highly recommend.”


Hazel Fraser



  • Carolina's teaching is deeply genuine. Her effort and dedication to her passion is felt in every class. She is wonderful in accommodating all the levels from the beginners to the advanced. She encourages people to break free from their fears and to be open for every experience and for each other. Her classes are full of emotion! That is exactly what keeps me coming back. That positive energy, the smile, the support... the humour! Carolina's class is a safe space to be free, to be yourself, to accept and to be accepted. She always gives very precise feedback, which allows me to improve exponentially. I just love her mindful, loving and positive approach to her teaching, because of her encouragement and generosity, I had a chance to perform in her dance performance piece in a play 'Europa a Lampedusa - Italian Play'. This experience was a very important journey in my life which brought a lot of challenges and lessons. I am deeply grateful to the universe for introducing me to Carolina and for giving me a chance to become her student. 


Egle Sirtautaitè



  • “Carolina is an enthusiastic yet sympathetic yoga teacher - her classes are fun and a good mix of relaxation and more demanding yoga stretches.”



Rachel Burrow



  • “Carolina brings calmness, energy and great enthusiasm to our yoga classes - I look forward to our hourly sessions!”


Rosemary Anderson



  • “Carolina is an inspirational teacher and her class is full of fun and joy. As someone who is new to dance. I am constantly amazed by the new doors Carolina’s class has opened for me. I am learning to move in ways I never before imagined. It’s a workout for your body and your brain. I have struggled with a health problem that has limited my movement and I find Carolina’s class very healing. After just a few weeks I feel myself moving more freely than I have in years.”



Helen Sedit



  • “Carolina is such a lovely teacher - she makes the class so enjoyable! She is patient, happy to answer questions and goes at the pace of her pupils. I'm enjoying the class so much and hope to do more with her in the future. Highly recommended!!”


Christina Belton



  • “Carolina's high energy and technical contemporary dance classes helped and keep helping me to understand how my body works and the dynamic and flow of movement. As a street dancer, I find her teaching invaluable to better my overall quality movement, standing and on the floor. Also, she is friendly, approachable and always encouraging. She is a knowledgeable dancer and I recommend her classes to anyone who is interested in contemporary dance or to professional dancers that are looking to perfect their technique. Thank you Carolina!”


Giulio Riccardi 

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