Laborare. Col.​

In collaboration with Mark Bleakley -

This performance takes its departure from an improvisation where the two of us continually attempt to tie the others shoelaces whilst the other is carrying out the same attempt. This futile exercise opened up a humorous approach to looking at collaboration and its inherent renegotiations as the form of the connecting bodies (and the work) changes and morphs as new attempts are placed upon the last. 

A Nude Descends Into a Lump

A work by Mark Bleakley and dancers -
Mark Bleakley works across dance and visual art. His practice explores the body as a site for analysis and reflection, which frequently manifests as live performance and video. A Nude Descends into a Lump has been developed by Mark as part of Satellites Programme 2016 and looks at the relationship between bodies, the cinematic and sculptural form.

In The Ink Dark

A work by Luke Pell-
Independent artist, maker and curator based in Scotland. His work is based on researching and developing a new live participatory performance work, underpinned by a body of research that explores touch memory, mapping, landscape and loss.
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