“We have the most wonderful job in the world.

We find people in various stages of sleep.

And then we get to tap them on the shoulder and be with them as they wake up to the full magnificence of life.”  


Sydney Banks 




 Qualifications & Credentials


• Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice

with Mindful Talent Academy

(Accredited by the Association for Coaching)





 Professional Summary


Carolina is a trained coach, accredited by the Association of Coaching with an Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice, who motivates and inspires her clients towards new ways of being, thinking, achieving.

Since qualifying as a professional coach, Carolina has been investigating her coaching practice within her previous and on going experience of mindful practices such as somatic approaches, dance and yoga.


Carolina’s coaching style is intuitive, direct, compassionate and thought provoking, asking challenging questions that moves clients into a new state of being and doing. Clients report an increase in self-awareness, self-confidence, focus and results, both on a personal and professional level.



Code of Ethics


As a professional coach and accredited member of the Association for Coaching, my practice is aligned to the AC Code of Ethics and good practice standards.



My Coaching Approach – How I will work with you


Raise the Standard– I will help you increase self-awareness, clarity, confidence, focus, mental & emotional wellbeing …plus a whole load more. We have unlimited potential as human beings, my role as a coach is to nurture your talent and help you achieve what you desire.


Partnership Work– The most important aspect of coaching is the coach and client relationship. We build complete trust in one-another, we identify key areas of growth together and we work towards a vision and goal! Sessions are completely confidential. They are challenging and more often than not they are FUN! You will feel completely supported throughout your journey.


Go with the Flow– The best results are achieved whilst you are in flow and when a coaching session is in flow, the insight that comes to the surface can be incredible. I work intuitively and, although we will set an intention at the beginning of each session, the session will go in the direction it so desires. During a session I may have a feeling or a moment of insight that I will always ask for permission to share if I feel it will serve you and the session well.

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