“Everything we do has its source in awareness. Without awareness, there’s no experience. A thought comes from awareness. An emotion comes from awareness. Perceptual experience comes from awareness.”
Dr. Chopra Deepak
Professional & Personal Journey

Carolina Ravaioli qualified as an

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with All Yoga Thailand in October 2016.


She started practicing Yoga in 2012 during her professional dance training in London. After training seven hours a day, she felt the need to look for a practice that would help to balance an overworked body. She ended up embracing all aspects of Yoga and started deepening her practice in and off the mat. After graduating, she kept her Yoga practice going and discovered its beneficial effects on a personal and professional level, which led her to incorporate yoga into her own dance practice.


In September 2016 she embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training 200HRTT where she met her love for teaching and her desire to establish a bigger purpose within her practice. Back in Scotland, she is now leading Morning Yoga sessions at Dance Base, Relaxation/Flow classes at the Royal Infirmary Hospital with researchers and working on a brand new project called Yoga For Bartenders that she would like to expand to all hospitality community, which she is also part of.


Her biggest future project aims to develop a teaching model that incorporate both yoga and dance through a more somatic approach, without destroying their integrity but enhancing their benefits. Her dream is to bring people closer to yoga but also comfortable with dancing and moving around in their own bodies!



About my Classes
I believe in quality work that draws curiosity and gratitude towards the practice of Yoga. My biggest focus is on the distinctivness of each of my students. I offer classes that swing between structered flow and freedom to remain anchored on your own present needs. I like to juggle meaningful content and asanas in an honest yet playful approach. I encourage a way of moving through asanas that focuses on the body as whole, alive and constantly changing. Relaxation is to me a last gift to my students and therefore the most special part, shaping it the best way I can to allow a full absorbtion of the practice. I love to leave people feeling comfortable within their own body and fully embodied in their way of being, inside and outside.

2016 -2018


Lunch Time Yoga at The University of Edinburgh's Staff


Hair of the Down Dog at Lululemon Edinburgh


Flow and Relaxation at Royal Infirmary Little France


Morning Yoga at Dance Base

Evening Yoga Flow - Tuesday 6-7.30 pm at Broughton St Marys Parish Church (Waverly Care Centre)


Yoga for Bartender at The Jolly Judge


2016 - 2017

Yoga Mentorship Program with Demelza Feltham

Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher - 200H Training at All Yoga Thailand

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