Here is What my Coachees Have to Say!






  • Carolina is not only super approachable but a really attentive listener. Her commitment to coaching is evident in the way that she engages, supports and creates space for you to explore things in the way that works best for you. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering coaching, she is great!!



Ema Jayne Park


  • I was feeling quite lost at the time I came to her and facing what seemed like a very difficult decision in my life. I came away from the first session on such a high, with a better understanding of what I wanted and very excited for the future. Her warm personality and makes you feel attentiveness very comfortable, and respected. And her passion for coaching and infectious enthusiasm leave you feeling great about the conclusions you've reached. She's excellent, I cannot recommend her enough!



Oscar Kinross


  • Carolina has a warm, friendly yet direct and professional manner. I found Carolina’s approach very useful not only in the sessions but also through practical tasks/exercises that helped me develop more self-awareness. It's helpful to see things visually in front of me sometimes and it helps for new realisations and insights to come! I like the fact that I always learnt something new each session. Even though I felt a little anxious at first to take on such commitment, I found it is time for myself, and I needed that. As a coach, Carolina listened well, asked good questions, wasn't afraid to challenge or to be personable and empathetic. She was flexible with her approach, leading and following when required. Her coaching skills were invaluable to me at a time of huge personal change.


Thank you Carolina, you are good at this! 



Saffy Sethony



  • Since the very first session, I felt at ease and free to express myself in anything I had a desire to bring to the table. I have always had a positive attitude towards the sessions as I felt listened and understood, which helped me to shift my thinking regarding my limitations. Communication was excellent and my journey became more positive each time.  Now I feel definitely more self-aware and self-confident, knowing that I made giant steps towards becoming the person I want to be. I realized that I am not alone in this and that there are issues that are common to all human beings. I liked the fact that I didn’t feel obligated to open up in everything straight away but instead things gradually came out naturally thanks to Carolina’s powerful questions and listening skills. It really helped me when Carolina made me ! The thing I liked the most has been seen so many concrete progress within me, which also change my experience outside of myself!!! 



Carolina Sonda




  • I felt it was really helpful to have a clear visual map about where I am at the moment and have insights on how I would like to move forward. Carolina made me feel very comfortable in opening up with her; she made me feel that I can talk to her about anything. I felt that this comes from her open-minded approach. By talking to her I was finding lots of answers within myself and she gave me space and time to get there at my own pace. I felt really calm and happy. I particularly enjoyed the way she was listening to me and the way she made me notice a few positive things and insights about myself that I was not very aware of.






  • I found Carolina’s coaching sessions very effective when coming to probing questions and even though I am aware of many walls I have to dismantle, Carolina planted seeds for reflection and change. I am very grateful!











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