I am making a choice right here to share with you what I believe is important for you to know about me, rather than typing what am I “supposed” to be telling you about my Profession.

My wish for anyone who engage with this page or who decide to work with me is very simple: to go through your own unique journey and navigate it with confidence, compassion and self-worth, while I can enjoy witnessing your limitless potential!

I am and do many things in my life, jumped and bumped into different experiences that brought me here, and I still do. This is why I don’t particularly like to label myself as one thing or confine myself in one box instead of many. I recognize I am a very complex human being as everyone else, with so many facets and so many layers yet to be discovered. And this is how I relate to people I encounter, whether they come in form of students, coachees, clients, friends, family or lovers.

I work with presence, intuition, straight forwardness, confidence, compassion, laughter, logic and illogic, spiritual and tangible. I work with body and I work with mind. But most of all, I WORK WITH CONNECTION AND TONS OF PASSION.

As I work with clients I am in constant connection with them: I am navigating through the same journey they are, I am struggling as they are, I am succeeding as they are, I am fighting as they are and .... I am learning as much as they are. They learn from me I learn from them, everyday. And this exchange is what gives me purpose. This is why I love my jobs, whether is teaching, coaching or performing. I am there, with all of you, and we are helping each others. How awesome is that?!

I am a Contemporary Dance Teacher, a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and a Professional Life Coach.


Thank you for reading and LET’S CONNECT!



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