My wish for anyone who engages with this page and decides to work with me is very simple: to go through your own unique journey and navigate it with confidence, compassion, and a sense of self-worth, while I will have the privilege to witness your limitless POTENTIAL!



NOTE ***


At the moment I am just focusing on my yoga classes.

Dance classes will be available in September.

If you are interested in Coaching just drop me an email ;)

For those of you who want to find some time for better self-care, who need to wind down from a stressful daily life or for those of you who would just love to reconnect with themselves,

come and be mindful with me!

For those of you who want to find their fun self, what a better way to do so by booging? Would you like to have more confidence in your own body and feel comfortable in your skin while discovering the pleasure of movement?? Come dance with me!

For those of you who feel ready to turn their life upside down and act on their desires and dreams. If you want help and direction to unlock your limitless potential and live the life that you really want, this is for you!

Let's have a chat!

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